Getting Your Child Used to the Dentist

Children With Tooth Pain: What Can Cause It & What A Pediatric Dentist Can Do About It

Does your child constantly complain about pain in his or her tooth? You should consider it a dental emergency because the pain may stem from gum disease or a cavity that is in need of immediate care by a pediatric dentist. Find out what can be the cause of your child's tooth pain and what a pediatric dentist can do about it.

What Can Be the Cause of a Child's Tooth Pain?

The main thing that causes tooth pain is an untreated cavity that has caused the nerves in the pulp chamber to be exposed. Each time cold or hot air hits the exposed nerves, your child likely experiences severe pain. The pain will usually occur when eating or drinking as well. Tooth pain can be so severe that over-the-counter medications are not sufficient enough to provide your child with comfort.

Once a cavity forms, gum disease can quickly development and cause pain for your child as well. You can tell when a child has gum disease because the gums will appear red from being inflamed and swollen. There may also be a lot of bleeding from the gums during brushing, but blood alone does not necessarily mean gum disease is present. The only way to get a proper diagnosis is to take your child to a pediatric dentist for an examination.

What Can a Pediatric Dentist Do for a Child with Tooth Pain?

A pediatric will determine what is causing your child to experience tooth pain by performing a visual examination of the teeth and gums. He or she will also get an internal look in the gums by giving your child an x-ray. The x-ray is one of the most important parts of the examination because it will show the dentist if the jawbones are damaged or not.

Treating the pain will depend on what is causing it. If a cavity is the cause, the dentist will simply fill it in with dental putty. However, a root canal may also have to be performed before the cavity is filled if the nerves are damaged in the pulp chamber. Gum disease can be treated with antibiotics if not too severe, but there are various other types of treatments that may be performed if the disease is bad.

Seek prompt treatment for your child's painful tooth because the problem will only get worse if you don't. Make an appointment with a pediatric dentist (such as Willoughby Heights Dental) to get the problem diagnosed and healed!

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