Getting Your Child Used to the Dentist

Advantages Of Visiting A Dental School Or Academy

Being without dental insurance can make it financially challenging to visit the dentist at a clinic like Artis Dental Centre. Many dentists do not accept new patients and some don't take payment plans or arrangements. This can make it hard to get treated for dental problems as they arise. One alternative is to visit a dental school. Here are some of the main advantages of visiting a dental school next time you need dental work done.

Discounts On Basic Services

If you are currently having pain issues or just need to go in for your six-month dental checkup, don't let not having dental insurance hold you back. Choosing a dental school or dental academy to get your teeth examined can help you receive affordable dental care. Many dental schools are teaching schools. This means that the students work under direct supervision of a board certified dentist as they perform dental services and treatment. This creates a learning platform for them and a discount on services for the general public. Keep in mind if you are not requesting emergency services that you may be put on a waiting list or it may take several weeks or months to be seen at a dental school clinic. Try to schedule an appointment in advance and ask to be put on a waiting list if a last minute cancellation happens to arise.

Cost Savings On Orthodontics And Prosthetics

Some dental schools work closely with orthodontists and oral surgeons who provide supervision over advanced dental care procedures. If you've been diagnosed as having a jaw disorder, misalignment, missing teeth or advanced dental disease, it's important to have the right prosthetic in place to help align the jaw properly and replace missing teeth. This type of oral and cosmetic surgery can be very expensive. Some dental academies will offer a cost discount on partials, crowns and some dental implants.

Emergency Services

If you are facing a dental emergency, finding a dentist that will accept you without insurance can be problematic. Many dental schools offer emergency services including:

  • Severe swelling
  • Tooth loss
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Tooth abscess
  • Severe pain

Dental clinics within dental schools often take patients on a first come, first served basis. Many will accept patients that don't have dental insurance and are willing to offer a discounted fee if the patient qualifies.  

Preventative Oral Health Care Clinics

Some dental schools and dental clinics offer periodic free or very low cost preventative dental care to the community. This is often sponsored by a corporation or business who wants to create oral health awareness regarding disease or oral cancer. They often provide emergency services as well as cleanings and fillings to help prevent gum disease. These clinics may have dental students, dentists, oral surgeons and medical doctors present. They may also serve as an educational platform to inform patients to seek out routine dental and health care to prevent oral health complications from diabetes and heart disease as well.

Not every town has a dental school, so you may have to travel a distance to take advantage of discounted or affordable dentistry services. Staying on top of your oral health will give you a positive outlook on your smile. 

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Getting Your Child Used to the Dentist

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