Getting Your Child Used to the Dentist

Tips For Teaching Kids About The Importance Of Dental Care

It can be difficult to teach your kids the true value of dental care because it's hard to appreciate the importance of something that you can't really understand. The best way to help kids understand the value of dental care is through some hands-on experiments that show kids how everyday things can affect their teeth. If you want to engage your children in an active lesson about lifelong dental care skills, these experiments will help bring a new understanding about why it is so important.

How Acid Affects Teeth

One of the things you need to show your children is the importance of making healthy food choices. To do this, consider setting up an experiment that shows your kids how vinegar affects chicken bones. Put two clean chicken bones into a glass container. Pour enough white vinegar into the glass container to cover the bones completely. Let it sit for several days, checking it each day. Your child will see the progression of the bone's erosion as an indication of how acid can do the same for tooth enamel.

What Sugar in Foods Will Do to Teeth

Sometimes, it's hard for kids to grasp how much sugar there is in the foods that they enjoy. All of the added sugars can lead to increased risk of cavities and tooth decay. With the use of Benedict's reagent, you can show your child that there is sugar in many foods that he or she enjoys. In fact, you may even find sugar in foods that you didn't realize had it. Benedict's reagent is available in most science supply stores.

Put your child's food of choice in a small test tube. Put enough Benedict's reagent in the tube to cover the food. Place the tube over a burner with a moderate flame. When heated, the reagent will turn from blue to orange if there is any sugar present in the food.

Children enjoy hands-on lessons, and sometimes the best way to explain something to young kids is to make it as visual as you can. With experiments like these and the support of a pediatric dentist who is willing to provide detailed education, you can show your child firsthand the dangers of poor food choices. Once your child sees what acids can do to their tooth enamel and how much sugar is hiding in the foods they eat every day, you can stress the importance of proper tooth care and healthy choices for long-term dental health.

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