Getting Your Child Used to the Dentist

Denture Care

Millions of Canadians are toothless, although fewer have lost all their teeth than in previous decades. The vast majority of this number have dentures, but even though they depend on them daily, they may have misconceptions about denture care.  As a result, they may risk their health and destroy their dentures. If you are a denture wearer, you need to understand how to maintain your oral health.

Length of Wear

Once you have your teeth pulled and begin wearing dentures, you may feel self-conscious without them and wonder if you can wear them 24 hours a day. Many people do not want anyone seeing them without their teeth. You may wear dentures at night, although dental health providers recommend removing them and storing them in water overnight after they have been properly cleaned. If you do wear them at night, you need to take them out and clean them during the day. Also, 24-hour wear puts pressure on your gums and bones that can be harmful in the long run. Try and give your mouth a break sometime during the day. 

Daily Care

Dentures are not real teeth, but they require the same level of care that your natural teeth did. They need daily brushing with a non-abrasive denture cleanser to keep the teeth clean and to remove the denture adhesive that may lodge in the ridges. Soaking your dentures overnight is also recommended. If you have some natural teeth, you need to brush and floss as always. 

Dental Visits

Even though you have no natural teeth, you still need to visit the dentist for regular checkups. A dentist can evaluate the health of your gums and soft tissue as well as screen for oral cancer.  If gum disease is left unchecked, you will have a higher risk of heart disease, so dental visits are not merely for cosmetic reasons. If you only have partial dentures, your remaining teeth are at a high risk of decay due to food being trapped between them and the denture. Some people choose to have implants that serve as an anchor for their dentures. If you decide to have these implants, you also need to have them routinely checked


Dentures that do not fit can cause a variety of ills, including mouth sores, stomach issues, and facial sagging. If you experience any of these problems, you need to visit your dental health provider and have your dentures adjusted. Even dentures that initially fit may become loose due to gum shrinkage and bone loss. 

Dentures are common in Canada and are a daily blessing for people who have lost their teeth. They require as much care as your regular teeth did, so do not neglect their cleaning or your dentist visits. If you have additional questions about dentures, contact a professional dental clinic, like Market Mall Denture Clinic.

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